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Select Quantity Pack Qty Description Part No. Price per pack ($)
(Inc GST)
1 Konnect Professional Metric Tape Measure 8m x 25mm KTM8025
1 Stanley Fatmax Key Chain Tape Measure 2M FMHT33856M
1 Stanley Fatmax Magnetic Tape 8M FMHT33-869
1 Stanley Fatmax Metric Tape 10Mtr 33-829
1 Stanley Tlm 99 30M Laser Distance Measurer STHT1-77138
1 Socket Set Metric & AF 52 Piece 3/8dr CGL Tools CTK211 CTK211
1 Stanley Fatmax Low Vibration Sledge Hammer 10Lb FMHT1-56019
1 Stanley Fatmax Fibreglass Handle Sledge Hammer 8Lb FMHT1-56011
1 Stanley Fatmax Antivibe Demolition Hammer 3Lb FMHT1-56006
1 Stanley Fatmax Digital Level 1200mm 0-42-086
1 Stanley Fatmax Digital Level 400mm 0-42-063
1 Stanley Safety Wrap Cutter 0-10-244
1 Stanley Fatmax Folding Retractable Knife 10-825
1 Stanley Hacksaw 12" STHT20140
1 Stanley Sortmaster 17 Compartment Organiser (430 X 335 X 90mm) 1-94-745
1 Stanley A/F Ratcheting Combo Wrench Set 7 pce 94-542
1 Stanley Metric Ratcheting Combo Wrench Set 7 pce 94-543
1 Stanley Fatmax 1200mm Level & Level Case 43-548B
1 Stanley Fatmax Pro Torpedo Level 43-609
1 Stanley Fatmax Pro Magnetic Box Level 600mm/24" 43-625
1 Stanley T/Prf Bit Kit 31pce 68-0001
1 Hex Key Set Long Arm Ball End Metric 10 Piece CGL Tools CT2001 CT2001
1 Torx Key Set Tamper Proof 9 Piece CGL Tools CT2003 CT2003
1 Set Punch Centre 5 Piece CGL Tools CTK512 CTK512
1 Set Combination Punch & Chisel 8 Piece CGL Tools CTK514 CTK514
1 Chisel Cold 19mm CGL Tools CT2217 CT2217
1 Chisel Cold 25mm CGL Tools CT2219 CT2219
1 Socket Set Deep on Rail Metric 13 Piece 1/2dr CGL Tools CTK221 CTK221
1 Stanley Fatmax Jab Saw H/Duty 20-556
1 Pliers Diagonal 160mm CGL Tools CT2111 CT2111
1 Pliers Combination 160mm CGL Tools CT2101 CT2101
1 Pliers Multigrip 250mm CGL Tools CT2131 CT2131
1 Wrench Adjustable 100mm CGL Tools CT1504 CT1504
1 Wrench Adjustable 150mm CGL Tools CT1506 CT1506
1 Stanley Socket Set Thru Drive 21pce 89-811
1 Pliers Locking Curved Jaw 240mm CGL Tools CT2135 CT2135
1 Hacksaw 300mm CGL Tools CT1901 CT1901
1 Pliers Long Nose 160mm CGL Tools CT2121 CT2121
1 Stanley Knife Sport Utility 10-804
1 Hammer Ball Pein 225gm CGL Tools CT1808 CT1808
1 Stanley Combination SQuare 300mm 2-46-143 2-46-143
1 Hammer Ball Pein 450gm CGL Tools CT1816 CT1816
1 Hammer Ball Pein 675gm CGL Tools CT1824 CT1824
1 Hammer Ball Pein 900gm CGL Tools CT1832 CT1832
1 Stanley Knife Retractable Blade 10-099
1 Digital Multimeter CGL Tools CT4001 CT4001
1 Socket Set Metric & AF 34 Piece 1/4dr CGL Tools CTK200 CTK200
1 Socket Set Metric & AF 54 Piece 1/4dr CGL Tools CTK201 CTK201
1 Set Spanner Combination Metric/AF 18 Piece CGL Tools CTK370 CTK370
1 Set Screwdriver Professional 13 Piece CGL Tools CTK400 CTK400
Prices in AUD, Inclusive of GST. Prices valid as at Mar 20, 2019 and are subject to change.