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Select Quantity Pack Qty Description Part No. Price per pack ($)
(Inc GST)
1 Konnect Holesaw 16mm K16HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 19mm K19HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 20mm K20HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 22mm K22HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 25mm K25HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 30mm K30HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 32mm K32HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 35mm K35HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 38mm K38HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 40mm K40HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 44mm K44HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 48mm K48HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 51mm K51HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 54mm K54HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 57mm K57HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 60mm K60HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 64mm K64HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 67mm K67HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 70mm K70HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 76mm K76HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 83mm K83HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 86mm K86HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 89mm K89HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 95mm K95HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 102mm K102HSB
1 Konnect Holesaw 114mm K114HSB
1 H1060160//006055 Holesaw H106 16mm(5/8") SB-062 Cobalt HSS BiMetal Clam Shell SB-062
1 H1050210//001821 Holesaw H105 21mm(13/16") B-081 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-081
1 H1060250//000770 Holesaw H106 25mm(1") SB-100 Cobalt HSS BiMetal Clam Shell SB-100
1 H1060290//003238 Holesaw H106 29mm(1-1/8") SB-112 Cobalt BiMetal Clam Shell SB-112
1 H1060320//001876 Holesaw H106 32mm(1-1/4") SB-125 Cobalt BiMetal Clam Shell SB-125
1 H1060350//002132 Holesaw H106 35mm(1-3/8") SB-137 Cobalt BiMetal Clam Shell SB-137
1 H1060380//002019 Holesaw H106 38mm(1-1/2") SB-150 Cobalt BiMetal Clam Shell SB-150
1 H1060400//003153 Holesaw H106 40mm(1-9/16") SB-156 Cobalt BiMetal Clam Shell SB-156
1 H1060440//003108 Holesaw H106 44mm(1-3/4") SB-175 Cobalt BiMetal Clam Shell SB-175
1 H1060540//001548 Holesaw H106 54mm(2-1/8") SB-212 Cobalt BiMetal Clam Shell SB-212
1 H1060570//002507 Holesaw H106 57mm(2-1/4") SB-225 Cobalt BiMetal Clam Shell SB-225
1 H1060600//123929 Holesaw H106 60mm(2-3/8") SB-237 Cobalt BiMetal Clam Shell SB-237
1 H1060630//123783 Holesaw H106 63mm(2-1/2") SB-250 Cobalt BiMetal Clam Shell SB-250
1 H1060650//441122 Holesaw H106 65mm(2-9/16") SB-256 Cobalt BiMetal Clam Shell SB-256
1 H1060670//441146 Holesaw H106 67mm(2-5/8") SB-262 Cobalt BiMetal Clam Shell SB-262
1 H1060700//123790 Holesaw H106 70mm(2-3/4") SB-275 Cobalt BiMetal Clam Shell SB-275
1 H1060760//123806 Holesaw H106 76mm(3") SB-300 Cobalt HSS BiMetal Clam Shell SB-300
1 H1060830//441177 Holesaw H106 83mm(3-1/4") SB-325 Cobalt BiMetal Clam Shell SB-325
1 H1060860//123813 Holesaw H106 86mm(3-3/8") SB-337 Cobalt BiMetal Clam Shell SB-337
1 H1060890//123820 Holesaw H106 89mm(3-1/2") SB-350 Cobalt BiMetal Clam Shell SB-350
1 H1060920//441184 Holesaw H106 92mm(3-5/8") SB-362 Cobalt BiMetal Clam Shell SB-362
1 H1060950//441191 Holesaw H106 95mm(3-3/4") SB-375 Cobalt BiMetal Clam Shell SB-375
1 H1060980//441207 Holesaw H106 98mm(3-7/8") SB-387 Cobalt BiMetal Clam Shell SB-387
1 H1061020//123837 Holesaw H106 102mm(4") SB-400 Cobalt HSS BiMetal Clam Shell SB-400
1 H1050160//000640 Holesaw H105 16mm(5/8") B-062 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-062
1 H1050170//004501 Holesaw H105 17mm(11/16") B-068 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-068
1 H1050190//000619 Holesaw H105 19mm(3/4") B-075 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-075
1 H1050200//000909 Holesaw H105 20mm B-078 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-078
1 H1050220//000763 Holesaw H105 22mm(7/8") B-087 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-087
1 H1050240//003818 Holesaw H105 24mm(15/16") B-093 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-093
1 H1050250//000114 Holesaw H105 25mm(1") B-100 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-100
1 H1050270//002118 Holesaw H105 27mm(1-1/16") B-106 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-106
1 H1050290//001760 Holesaw H105 29mm(1-1/8") B-112 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-112
1 H1050300//000992 Holesaw H105 30mm(1-3/16") B-118 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-118
1 H1050320//000329 Holesaw H105 32mm(1-1/4") B-125 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-125
1 H1050350//001104 Holesaw H105 35mm(1-3/8") B-137 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-137
1 H1050370//005492 Holesaw H105 37mm(1-7/16") B-143 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-143
1 H1050380//000541 Holesaw H105 38mm(1-1/2") B-150 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-150
1 H1050400//001289 Holesaw H105 40mm(1-9/16") B-156 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-156
1 H1050410//001944 Holesaw H105 41mm(1-5/8") B-162 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-162
1 H1050430//006802 Holesaw H105 43mm(1-11/16") B-168 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-168
1 H1050440//000688 Holesaw H105 44mm(1-3/4") B-175 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-175
1 H1050460//007243 Holesaw H105 46mm(1-13/16") B-181 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-181
1 H1050510//000169 Holesaw H105 51mm(2") B-200 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-200
1 H1050540//000626 Holesaw H105 54mm(2-1/8") B-212 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-212
1 H1050570//001050 Holesaw H105 57mm(2-1/4") B-225 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-225
1 H1050600//001302 Holesaw H105 60mm(2-3/8") B-237 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-237
1 H1050630//000572 Holesaw H105 63mm(2-1/2") B-250 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-250
1 H1050650//003542 Holesaw H105 65mm(2-9/16") B-256 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-256
1 H1050700//002347 Holesaw H105 70mm(2-3/4") B-275 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-275
1 H1050730//004082 Holesaw H105 73mm(2-7/8") B-287 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-287
1 H1050760//000633 Holesaw H105 76mm(3") B-300 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-300
1 H1050860//003146 Holesaw H105 86mm(3-3/8") B-337 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-337
1 H1050890//001012 Holesaw H105 89mm(3-1/2") B-350 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-350
1 H1050920//007014 Holesaw H105 92mm(3-5/8") B-362 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-362
1 H1050980//009889 Holesaw H105 98mm(3-7/8") B-387 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-387
1 H1051110//007519 Holesaw H105 111mm(4-3/8") B-437 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-437
1 H1051140//003559 Holesaw H105 114mm(4-1/2") B-450 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-450
1 H1051400//009520 Holesaw H105 140mm(5-1/2") B-550 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-550
1 H1051520//008134 Holesaw H105 152mm(6") B-600 Cobalt HSS BiMetal B-600
1 H107BA0//000657 Holesaw H107 BA0 Arbor Suits 14 - 30mm diameters BA-0
1 H107BA2//000459 Holesaw H107 BA2 Arbor Suits 32 - 54mm diameters BA-2
1 H107BA3//000015 Holesaw H107 BA3A Arbor Suits 32 - 152mm diameters BA-3A
10 H107BD24//062822 Holesaw H107 6.35mm(1/4) Pilot Drill HSS 82mm Overall BD-024
10 H107BD25//000749 Holesaw H107 6.35mm(1/4) Pilot DRL HSS 105mm Suits BAO Arbor BD-025
1 Konnect Small Arbor suit 14-30mm Holesaws KARB14-30
1 Konnect Large Arbor suit 32-198mm Holesaws KARB32-198
1 Konnect Electrical Holesaw Kit 9pc K9ELHSK
1 Konnect Tradesman Holesaw Kit 12pc K12TRHSK
Prices in AUD, Inclusive of GST. Prices valid as at Mar 20, 2019 and are subject to change.